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  1. ShaoQing

    Emily is looking forward to school nowadays, she can speak out now. Also she likes her teacher so much.

  2. Priya

    I am very happy because my son can speak out many new words – mine pain bit eat wait, even when I scold him, he said “okay okay cool” 🙂 I have decided that he will be studying in KLIK till he is 6 years old.

  3. YannYann

    To Admin & Management,
    Big thanks to Admin immediately take action after I give complaint! I am so surprised for that, it was so clear information to all of parents. I am so appreciate to admin and management. Thanks again and Good Day!

  4. Haruna

    Children are really enjoying school every day.
    They have nice experience a lot.

    Umi said that teacher is so kind, I am fun every day, so I didn’t cry.
    Kanon said that I’d like to spend more time at school, I can go to school tomorrow?

    Children went to school more than a schedule.

    Thank you very much.

  5. Norhayati

    “My daughter seems happy at school, have gain confidence, developing more words and very content. Am very happy with the school.”

  6. Leelee

    Though it was very short term but my daughter really enjoyed every class. Everyone including Teacher Anthony and her classmate were kind. We are satisfied with all class such as mathematics, ballet and physical. I think it will be better if there was more music (singing and dancing) class. Anyway, we really enjoyed all life and would like to say thank you. We are missing you.

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“Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.” – Confucius